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The following are answers to Frequently Asked Question to the International Police Association Pistol Club (Ireland), if your question can not be answered here - feel free to contact us on or 087-6579413 (Neil).

Who can join the IPA Pistol Club?

Membership to the pistol club is open to both Serving, Retired and Reserve members of An Garda Síochána who are members of the International Police Association.  It is also open to serving or retired members of another police force, who reside in Ireland and are members of the International Police Association in the country of their service.

How much does it cost to join the IPA Pistol Club?

Once you are a member of the IPA, membership to the Pistol Club is 55 Euro per annum.  Membership runs from September to September.

How do I join the IPA Pistol Club?

Applicants should complete the Pistol Club application form (downloaded for website), and forward it to the address listed. The application should be accompanied by €55 and 1 passport sized photographed. This photograph will be used for the club ID card that will be issued.

Is there anything required to join the IPA Pistol Club?

Insurance is a pre-requisite to joining the club. This is mandatory before using shooting ranges around the country. There are a number of Insurance providers, the 2 insurance provider mostly used - are Country Sports Ireland, Country Side Alliance and the NARGC. This can cost between 30 and 65 Euro per annum and forms are downloadable from admin page of this website.

Do I need a pistol before joining the IPA Pistol Club?

At present there is no necessity to licence a Pistol or Revolver before joining the club. It is probably better to sample some of the firearms that are available first and see what suits the shooter before buying a pistol.

Can I licence any type and calibre of pistol?

To answer this question quickly, the answer would be NO. However, if the calibre of the pistol is .22 and it appears on the list of unrestricted pistols issued by the Garda Commissioner your local Superintendent can issue a certificate for the firearm, if the pistol you like does not appear on the list, the application will have to go to you Divisional C/Superintendent.

Is it expensive to take up the sport of pistol shooting?

The greatest expense for a new person to the sport of pistol shooting is in buying the firearm - these can range from €400 to €1000 for a new pistol. A second hand pistol may be considerable cheaper. Ammunition can be bought in bulk packs and this can range from €25 to €50 for 500 rounds of .22 calibre rounds.

Do the IPA Pistol Club run events for it members?

Yes, the pistol club run events for its members all around the country on a number of different ranges. These events are organised every 6 to 8 weeks and members are notified via text message and email.

Where will the events be held?

The pistol club have received permission from a number of different ranges to use their facility for IPA Pistol Club events. These ranges are:-

- Lough Bo Shooting Grounds, Sligo

- East Coast Shooting Club, Wicklow

- Fermoy Rifle and Pistol Club, Cork

- Hilltop Shooting Grounds, Wicklow

- Harbour House Shooting Grounds, Kildare

- Mourne Shooting Grounds, Monaghan

- Castlebridge Pistol Club, Wexford

What do events consist of?

Each event consists of 1 Competition. This competition will be a mixture of National Accredited Disciplines and will be scored form a total of 1000 points. A shooter will be grouped in either Alpha, Bravo, Charlie or Delta Class depending on their scores – this is so each shooter is competing against members that are of a similar standard.

Do members have to pay for these events?

As each range charges the Club for the use of their facility, normally each events costs members between €20 and €25. This fee will be advertised with the information circulated to members about each event.

Can IPA Pistol Club Members use the ranges other than at events?

Permission has been granted by private ranges for IPA Pistol Club members to use their ranges.  However, these will have to be booked prior to the shooter arriving at the range.

What else does membership to the IPA Pistol Club offer to members?

Apart from running events regularly for club members, the club have also joined with the National Association of Sporting Rifle and Pistol Clubs (NASRPC) and members of the IPA Pistol Club can attend events run by this national body. Members can take part in both their pistol and rifle competitions. This events will be circulated via email to members and also appear on the website.

The club has also been offered some special offers at private ranges, information available from IPA Pistol Club committee. Also, the club have sourced supplies of memorabilia that club members can purchase.

How do I find out about Events run by the Pistol Club?

The committee of the Pistol Clubs will inform club members of upcoming events run by them and the NASRPC, by the following method:

- Email to members Email address

- Text message to members mobile phone

- Article in the clubs newsletter

- Advertisements on the clubs website (

Can I contact the Pistol Club to ask a question that is not listed?

Yes, interested persons can contact the committee of the pistol club to ask any question or for more information as follows:

- Phone Neil O'Malley on 087-6579413

- Phone Pat Donnelly on 086-1080213

- Text Message to Club Number on 087-6910348

- Email

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