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Following on from successful Postal League last year, the IPAPC have decided to run the league again for the next 3 months and it is intended to provide members with ongoing competition and the opportunity to get some additional competitive shooting experience.

The Postal League provides our members with the opportunity to shoot the competition course of fire when and where suits them with either centre fire (C/F) or rimfire (R/F) pistols.

If you would like to take part in this league then please drop a line to to register your interest. The course of fire in use for this event will be the IPAPC / Mourne Precision 50, the same as we shoot at our monthly events.

Rules for 2015 IPAPC Pistol Postal League

Start Date:                  1st May 2016 - First Scores Due by end of May
Duration:                    3 months (May / June / July)
Scores to Count:         Total of all 3 score cards
Disciplines:                 Mourne Precision 50 (MP50)

Entry Fee:                  €15 to Members of the IPAPC
    Fees must be paid before or with first scorecard.
    Cheque made payable to "IPAPC"
    PayPal Button Available on Members Page of website
    Please do not send cash in the Post

IPAPC will supply GP40 targets for rimfire competitors and A3 Black Centres for centre fire shooters. 4 for each month, per competitor. We will deliver targets for all members to a nominated member for an area (range), in order to cut down on costs.

Witness of Scores
Members submitting score cards will have to have their score witnessed by another IPAPC or a Range Officer at the Range that you use, in order for that score to count in the league.

Who May Enter
The league is open to all members of the IPAPC.

Submitting Results
Once registered, an email address will be provided for members submitting their score cards. These can be submitted as a PDF or Image file or alternatively score cards may be posted to Neil O’Malley, Dundalk Garda Station, Dundalk, Co. Louth to arrive no later than the first Friday of the following month.

A League table for each month will be maintained on the members’ page of the IPAPC website.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in two divisions.

 Normal MP50 Rules apply
 3 Scores will count
 All shooting must be done on a certified range
 You must be RO'd by a club authorised RO
 Club authorised RO or IPAPC Club Member must sign & date scorecards
 Targets to be shot in the calendar month
 Scorecards must be received before midnight on the last day of each month
 Entrants may shoot their card at IPAPC Events - but can only do so after the competition has concluded.

Alpha & Bravo Shooters will compete against each other and Charlie and Delta Shooters will also compete against other.  Classification from the 1st of May determines the league you will compete in.  Unclassed shooters first score will determine the league they compete in.

Please note that competitors can shoot the course of fire as many times as the wish throughout the month, however, only one score card for the month will count in the league. If this is the case, please note that all cards will have to be witnessed by another club member.

Any questions to with POSTAL LEAGUE in the Subject Field.
MP50 Score Card.pdf